Sagittarius Female Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Sagittarius female.

Sagittarius Female Characteristics

  • A Sagittarius woman is a clear-hearted individual who speaks her mind and heart out. She is a very open towards various aspects but can be too blunt.

  • A Sagittarius woman is impressive, graceful and self-confident. She will not let anyone impose their ideas on her.

  • Sagittarius women are generally sarcastic. When angry she can make any person feel sad and dejected. She can give the most insulting remarks, but can also let go things.

  • They tend to live extravagantly. They have an exorbitant sense of fashion and may indulge in impulsive buying without being concerned about the expenses.

  • A Sagittarius woman has a very optimistic outlook towards life and views every opportunity as a means of learning. She does not reconsider any decision that she makes.

  • She does not care about any social obligations or bindings in life, helping her lead an independent life.

  • She is a free spirit and does not like to stay at home. She loves to travel and explore new places.

  • A Sagittarius woman will fall in love very easily with someone who is exactly like her and often end up getting emotionally hurt in the process.

  • They are very friendly, charming and have an exceptionally good sense of humor.