Sagittarius Characteristics

Know more about Sagittarius characteristics. Find out a lot more in detail about characteristics of Sagittarius male and female.

Sagittarius Characteristics

People born under this sign are bright and optimistic. A Sagittarius person is full of energy, versatility and eagerness. They enjoy travelling and exploring. Sagittarians, being ruled by Jupiter, are pleasure-loving and benevolent. They are not diplomatic, but are very honest and outspoken. People belonging to this sun sign respect morality, customs and traditions. Sagittarians are tolerant, open-minded and very judgmental. They are very entertaining which makes them an ideal companion. Sometimes, a dark sense of humor lands them into trouble. They are creative people, but have problem with controlling their egos. Sagittarius people also tend to lose temper if things don't go in their favor. Sagittarius people are irresponsible and restless at times, which creates a negative atmosphere at their workplace. They take risks without thinking about the consequences. As a result, sometimes those risks end up having a negative impact on them. Sagittarius people are known for their passion for risks and adventure, hence many of them indulge in gambling and insecure investment plans.